Indian Girl in sunglasses in front of Nubian carvings, Abu Simbel Temples in Egypt



Welcome to my blog!  I’m Victoria “The Trini Travelbug“, from the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad & Tobago – southern Caribbean. Currently, I work as a college secretary. My ultimate dream, however, is to turn my travel passion into a full-time business!

I believe that anyone can enjoy a travel-filled life regardless of income, geography and background. By taking trips abroad or being a tourist in your homeland, you can fully experience a destination through cultural experiences and soft adventure.


My Travel Philosophy

I love traveling because I can experience and learn about new destinations and cultures.  I love participating in tours, sampling local cuisine and learning about a country’s history and traditions. Meeting local people makes the experience even more memorable!

Traveling makes you more independent, confident, and self-reliant. It enables you to challenge stereotypes and think for yourself, with knowledge gained from first-hand interactions and experiences. Traveling also made me appreciate my home country so much more!

I encourage everyone to have a travel fund! Save a tiny portion of your salary each month and explore a neighbouring city, town or country. I guarantee that you will become a stronger, wiser and improved person!


What I Write

I love producing travel guides and tips. I write about tours, cultural experiences and soft adventure. I also do hotel accommodation reviews.


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